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Thavaregere Industrial Training Centre is Affiliated by  N.C.V.T New Delhi & Recognized by Govt. of  Karnataka. The Thavaregere Industrial Training Centre was established under S.B. Education Trust ® in the year 1998-99 with the noble aim of imparting training to the students.The trust realized it’s dream of imparting technical Education to the students of higher to neglected section of the society.



"To achieve excellency in education and to bring out socio-economic change among young people and farmers integrating the traditional spiritual values with innovative scientific knowledge"


1. To provide quality education.

2. To attract rural talent towards scientific research.


i) To meet the growing demand of skilled workers in the industries.

ii) To make the trainees as responsible citizen of our society.

iii) To increase overall quality and quantity of production.

iv) To produce technical man-power of our country.

v) To make the trainees eligible to be employed.

vi) To enable the trainees to be self-employed.